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On the face of it, making money on the internet looks easy. You have probably seen stories all over the internet about people who are making a ton of easy money online, or so they say.

Where other people give general advice and point you in the right direction, sometimes even the wrong direction.

I will be giving you advice on how to really make money, with lists of the highest paying affiliate programs and how to make the most out of them.

Affiliate bug

Maybe you’ve even gone as far as starting up your own website, hoping to copy what other people are doing online to make extra money, or you could even be hoping to give up your day job and work full time in affiliate marketing.

Well, before you chuck in the day job, consider that it takes a minimum of at least 2 years before you will be able to live comfortably off your efforts. And that’s if you’re working on your marketing plan a minimum of 4 hours a day. Don’t expect to get rich, but you can expect to make a very good income that should more than cover expenses like a mortgage, car payment, groceries and utility bills.

On the other hand, if you have the right idea, (think Facebook, Google, Spotify, etc), then the potential for success is unlimited.

You will find useful how to guides for getting started with web hosting, purchasing a domain name, setting up WordPress, Drupal, Forums and customizing your website as well as guides on Adsense,

Adwords and lots of different ways that will help you to succeed. Limited. As with many other types of businesses, it’s not hard work, but having the right idea that makes the big money.

There you go, that’s exactly what you need to be aiming for. An affiliate site that doesn’t look or feel like an affiliate site, but offers the website visitor genuine advice on saving money, from an expert.

There’s plenty of other affiliate websites out there that make good money. Not only do they make money from being an Amazon affiliate directly, but authors can also pay $35 – $120 to have a banner ad promoting their book. The ad will be viewed 30,000 times in one day, so even with a 1% conversion rate; the author has sold 300 copies of their book. That’s got to be worth the £35 per day advertising charge.

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