Partnering With a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Use Your Time More Effectively

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As small business owner or entrepreneur, there are always office paperwork and administrative tasks in your business operations that take your attention away from priorities that generate revenues for your business. For small business owners and entrepreneurs office work includes such tasks as bookkeeping, maintaining contact lists, following up with clients, handling complaints, creating marketing materials, or doing marketing research, just to name a few.

Most small business owners spend almost half their time working on office tasks and when they do they feel that they are not using their time for the benefit of their business. A priority in owning and operating a business is to generate revenues in order to cover the business overhead expenses and provide a sustainable income for a comfortable lifestyle. The purpose of starting their business in the first place is so business owners and entrepreneurs can do the work they love to do and at the same time, use their expertise, knowledge and skills to provide services to their clients. Therefore, instead of spending valuable time working on office work it is more beneficial for the small business owner or entrepreneur to outsource office paperwork and administrative tasks to a virtual assistant so that they can focus their time and energy more effectively on important priorities that benefit most to their business.

Partnering With a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (or VA) is administrative professional with several years of administrative experience, specialized training, highly developed expertise, skills, and knowledge that qualify him/her to handle your various time-consuming office tasks. They have the qualifications required to take care of administrative work and tasks that take up your valuable time. Virtual Assistants understand the responsibilities of operating a business and are dedicated to providing their services to you to help you operate your business successfully.

Despite the fact that the hourly rate of virtual assistants ranges from $25 to $75 depending on the level of detail and complexity of the work, partnering with a virtual assistant can still save you thousands of dollars. You pay a virtual assistant only for the time it takes to complete your projects and other administrative work. You don’t have to pay income taxes, insurance, pension, vacation time, sick time, and other employee benefits. You don’t have to provide office space, furniture, computer, other IT and office equipment. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors, not employees, and work from their own remote fully-equipped office location.

Virtual assistants take the time to listen to and work closely with their client in order to ensure services provided address the client’s unique administrative support requirements. Virtual Assistants can be called upon to assist their clients for any length of time no matter how small or how large the office tasks. As a professional, a virtual assistant provides you with the assistance you require with a high standard of quality and complete confidentiality.

Virtual assistants connect with other virtual assistants through many associations and networking avenues. Access to support is always available for technical questions or referring potential clients to other virtual assistants who may be more specialized to assist a client with specific types of work, e.g. 1shopping cart.

When you partner with a virtual assistant to take care of your time-consuming office tasks, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you will accomplish in your busy workday!

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