Content creation and Artificial Intelligence: how does it work?

In recent months, much has been said about artificial intelligence, especially after the launch of the famous ChatGPT . 

Now the topic of how we could use artificial intelligence for content creation has come up much more and it is exactly where I want to delve into.

Stay so you know how you can use AI in your content strategy and SEO positioning of your website. 

Let’s start with basic definitions…

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. 

This occurs, above all, in terms of learning, creativity and reasoning. This process allows that through technology, systems can relate to the environment, solve problems and act accordingly.

With AI, machines are no longer dependent on humans to receive orders and are autonomous in many tasks. 

What is OpenAI and GPT-3?

OpenAI is one of the most important artificial intelligence companies.

One of its goals is to make human life easier through different AI-based methods. 

His latest big bet is GPT-3, one of the most advanced technologies in terms of deep learning, whose system allows learning through examples and the recognition of text patterns.

GPT-3 has a high ability to work with texts; He even has the ability to develop them through simple statements or make summaries and much more.

Benefits of using AI for content creation

Using artificial intelligence to generate content for a website has many benefits. Some of them are:

1. Greater efficiency

An automatically generated language helps produce content much faster and best of all: without lowering quality.

This can help businesses become much more efficient, while saving money on content production. 

2. Contents in different languages

Some language models are trained to generate materials in different languages.

This allows companies to fully exploit the content and, if they wish, reach a much wider audience, depending on their objectives. 

All this, without reducing precision or quality.

3. More profitability

Some businesses are just starting out and don’t have the facility to hire professional copywriters. 

This process can be made easier with the help of AI, but you should know that artificial intelligence content creation tools DO NOT make content out of thin air.

It is necessary to give them directions, that is where the human element comes into play. So don’t get too confident.

4. More content

With AI, you can produce more content in less time, that’s a reality. And it’s great if you need to regularly post new posts or updates on social media.

Many of these tools work with credits, so you can only generate a set number of words. If you require more, you will have to get credits or pay subscription. 

What content can you create with AI for your website?

A large amount of content can be generated for a website or blog through the use of artificial intelligence. Do you want some examples? Here you go. 

1. News

With AI, you can cover different types of news topics or categories. 

No matter how recent the information is, you just have to guide the tool to generate new content around the topic you have decided and be able to publish it on the internet. 

These articles can be used on a news or general information site to always provide up-to-date and relevant content for visitors.

2. Blog posts

Also for blog posts, on different topics, AI can be your great ally. You just have to always make sure that the information you are given is true.

Here you have a key role as an expert on the subject, because you do not want to just copy and paste what it says without first analyzing if it is really true. 

It’s always best to polish what you get through AI tools, so don’t skip this step.

3. Product descriptions

An auto-generated model can help you produce descriptions about different products.

You can use all this for your e-commerce and have a little help to provide useful and complete information about what is offered within your e-commerce business.

Always remember to focus on what your potential buyers would like to know to align the information given by AI.

4. Summaries of books or movies

Also, another type of content that you can create with artificial intelligence are summaries, about almost anything. 

This type of material can be used on your website to give an overview of the content of a book, movie or article and publish it or, failing that, for you to obtain certain information that you can use later. 

5. Advertisements

Within marketing , AI can help you in several tasks and one of them is the creation of advertisements . 

Artificial intelligence can be very powerful in marketing, both in content and advertising campaigns, as it can make ads fully personalized, according to expectations, needs and tastes. 

This, thanks to the prediction algorithms, which anticipate the behavior or demands of the users. 

Other uses of AI in content creation are:

  • Titles
  • meta descriptions
  • Subject lines, etc.

How does content creation with artificial intelligence work?

Like I told you, AI tools don’t just create content out of thin air; you need to give them instructions. 

Marketers have to enter ideas, descriptions, and other key elements for the tool to start generating content.

All these tools work through natural language processing models, which allow you to learn the composition of human language to create your own versions and sound like a real person.

Importantly, the more the AI ​​tool is used, the more insight it will gain and therefore the more accurate it will become, especially if you take the time to tell it what you like and dislike about what it does. 

In addition to writing for you, AI content creation tools can help you figure out what to write about and how to write, which is great for when you run out of ideas. 

Once they have ideas, they can offer you schematics or relevant information to include to always provide the best to users.

All this, through neurolinguistic programming strategies, tracking millions of articles on the subject. 

How can AI help you create content?

Now, these processes are not simple, it’s true, and you always have to know that you can never leave everything in the hands of artificial intelligence. It would be a disaster, I tell you.

But then… how CAN AI help you in content creation? Now it tells you.

1. Get information/research

Artificial intelligence systems have a large collection of information and content. Even more so the ChatGPT, since it has millions of sites tracked, so you can find millions of data.

All you need is to know exactly what and how to ask to get the information you want. 

Be clear and precise on this matter so that it yields specific data that really helps you to create content.

2. New ideas

It can also help you, as I anticipated, to have new ideas about what to write.

When you have a lot of time in the field of writing and creating, it’s natural to run out of ideas, so you can ask directly what you could write an article about.

By having access to user searches, you can get interesting and quite valuable options for your business.

3. Content outlines

Content outlines make the writing process easier. 

You can ask the bot how to give a different approach to the content you have in mind and boom! You have some of the work done to outperform the competition.

In this way, you get information about what people want to know and nurture the content that you have in mind. In other words, you go further and you may find easier positions in Google. 

Remember that people are tired of reading what all the other results include. A unique and different point of view, even in a small way, can make all the difference in content creation. 

Best AI tools for content creation

Currently, there are many online tools that can help you create content through AI. 

Here are some of the most important:

1. OpenAI GPT-3

I already told you about it, it is precisely from this that the famous ChatGPT emerges. 

It is a language model that has a wide processing capacity and has a vocabulary that would surprise anyone.

GPT-3 can produce good quality content, and best of all, it is usually quite accurate. 


Jasper is a platform that helps you create posts for social networks, ebooks, ads, blogs and even text for landing pages.

It provides many possibilities to the users. You can even create original stories or novels with this tool.

Unlike other options, this one has a fairly good and natural use of Spanish, so it is more difficult to distinguish that the content was made by a machine.


This application allows you to create content in video format with artificial people. 

It has more than 50 avatars to generate the videos and you can play sounds through texts, saving on speakers, cameras and other elements needed for this task.

4. Articolo

Articoolo has a fairly simple and easy-to-use interface. 

Its two main functions are: create content or rewrite content, and it is available in 6 languages: Spanish, English, Japanese, Chinese, German and French.

You only have to type on what you want the article and wait for the result.

Besides these, there are many more options, but you could start experimenting with them. So you can decide which one works best for you, according to your goals and needs.

Examples of using GPT-3

You can use GPT-3 for many things and that’s what really appeals to this tool, above all the rest. We are not going to lie to you, we at Media Source are delighted with this chatbot. 

And I assure you that if you plunge into the adventure of using it, you will end up just like us.

But I won’t stray further… what can you use GPT-3 or ChatGPT for? Here is a list:

  • Get basic explanations
  • make tutorials
  • Generate summaries of books, movies, etc.
  • Encode
  • translate texts
  • Create threads for Twitter and much more!

You can review these applied usage examples in our post about ChatGPT . 

Use of AI and its impact on SEO

In SEO, content writing and marketing are extremely important, as they allow you to position yourself in search engines and in this sense, AI is having a strong impact, especially GPT-3. 

GPT-3 has a great capacity to not only summarize, but to develop texts. This does not mean that you only copy and paste, eh, be careful with this.

However, it can help you make building articles much easier and you don’t have to start from scratch, especially when you get writer’s block.

Your productivity and SEO results can be multiplied through AI tools, but you must be careful, because if you copy and paste them as they are, they can be considered spam and affect your positioning.

Always take the time to read the result, fix it and optimize it, according to the tone of your company and your goal.

Content creation with artificial intelligence: threat or opportunity?

Artificial intelligence is changing the way marketers and professionals create and distribute their content, but the reality is that it is not a threat, but an opportunity to innovate and grow.

Let’s see AI as one more tool that we can rely on to generate more and better content. We are entering a new “era” and it is totally exciting and fun any way you look at it.

The best thing is that many technologies, such as ChatGPT, came to show that anyone can enter this world, since the interface is very simple. 

This is because without someone who handles and understands how this tool works, it simply won’t help. Creativity continues to be key to these processes and this is where the human role comes in that NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO REPLACE.

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