Creative marketing strategy for your company

A  creative marketing  strategy can help you arouse the curiosity or interest of your audience.

In marketing, creativity is key not only to introduce your brand to the world, but to continue presenting it. Constant work is always required.

Consumers and users tend to be more and more demanding, therefore, a creative marketing strategy for your company can be key to having good results.

In this post, I am going to explain what it is and how to build one successfully.

What is a creative marketing strategy?

A creative marketing strategy is the intentional and strategic approach that a company takes to developing and implementing measures that will ensure and support the growth of the business .

Essentially, it is the outline or plan of how the objectives will be accomplished.

Your creative strategy will provide the guiding principles for your team to develop the ad campaign . Within this context, any publication you create will be adjusted to that strategy.

This is the second part of an advertising plan, and consists of several stages, some of which are movable. I explain below.

First phase: Copy Strategy

The first phase is in which the objectives to be achieved are decided. It is important to have defined the buyer persona .

Here it must be clear to whom our product is directed, what we offer or promise and why.

Everything must be planned, that is, you must know what tone will be used, what you want to achieve and from what messages or images the information is going to be communicated.

Second phase: narrative line

At this stage creativity and strategy enter. You have to define what is the best way to convey the messages.

Preferably, the messages have to be original and have the potential to empathize with the buyer persona.

Only then can it have a chance to be effective.

Third phase: means of distribution

The last phase is the middle one. You have to define from which channels you will reach the buyer persona.

It is also important to decide on some key elements, such as:

  • How many people do you want to reach?
  • How often the campaign will be broadcast
  • How long is it going to last
  • How much will be invested

How to design a creative marketing strategy

The first thing, as mentioned in the phases, is to have your buyer persona defined and your objectives. Then comes the creative part…

There are many methods to be creative, but an infallible formula is to associate the most significant part of your brand with the need of your buyer persona.

Think about what makes your customers buy your solution and not another one on the market. You can propose a brainstorm to better land the options.

When you have enough information, now is the time to shape it through experience and creativity . You have to define metrics to consider to see the results.

You also have to define the budget and, finally, make a schedule so that you know exactly what will be done, when and why.

Example of creative strategy

Let’s see a brief but exemplary outline of what a creative marketing strategy would be to make it clearer.

  • Objective : get more interactions on social networks, specifically, on Instagram.
  • Creative Strategy Statement – ​​To capture the attention of potential customers, you must create dynamic and positive content to make users curious and engaged with your company.
  • KPI or metrics : the likes, shares and comments on the posts will be measured, as well as the clicks and new followers.
  • Message : the messages will be with a relaxed and cheerful tone, which communicates positive things and makes the client think “I want that for my company”.
  • Target audience : B2C companies
  • Budget : between 15,000 and 25,000 pesos
  • Schedule : 2 months for creation and 2 months after creation to evaluate results

Key questions for a creative marketing strategy

There are some questions that can guide you to design a creative marketing strategy for your company.

Among them are:

  1. What is the history of your business?
  2. What are your main objectives?
  3. What is your target audience?
  4. What is your client looking for?
  5. What are the calls to action that you should use?
  6. What do you offer, what’s in it for your customers?
  7. What are the marketing channels you will use?
  8. What deliverables will you need?
  9. What budget will you allocate for your creative strategy?
  10. What are the mandatory aspects you need in your creative assets? Do you need the phone number, email or website?
  11. What reference material will you use to create your creative strategy?
  12. What’s your story?

When considering a creative strategy, be sure to stay focused on efficient communication, which can get lost in the planning spree, but is very important.

The overall goal of any strategy is effective communication with the audience.

The way you decide to communicate is up to you and is where you are most creative. However, make sure that the audience gets the message you want to convey.

Also, consider your long-term goals when developing your creative strategy. Pay attention to the space you require to grow and do not limit yourself to a genre or an image that is stifling.

This is where your market research will help you. Market research is just as important as any other point in the process.

Failing to plan is a sure way to waste resources and time.


Developing a creative strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing planning process, as it is challenging, but it is a vital step in creating a company’s identity.

At Media Source we can affirm that good planning of a creative marketing strategy is decisive for the success of your brand, product or service.

So if you need help with it, schedule a meeting with us! We can help you create and execute.

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