15 Ways To Make Money Online As A Good Writer

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If you are not making money online as a writer, there are several ways a good writer should make money. Here are the tips of the iceberg:

Google Knol (online info-space): This is mostly for beginners because there are less competition, it is owned by Google. One major requirement here is Google account since it permits you to monetize their knoll when linked to Adsense Account.

Ehow: You can make money here if you can on how to content. They consider articles that is popular and with a high viewing statistics.


Make Money Online

Hubgages: Hubpages is an online info-space. Here you can write whatever topic(s) that you are familiar with. For example tips, advice, reviews etc. sign up is free and earnings are through Amazon associate, Adsense and eBay.

Squidoo: Here write articles based on your passion. Sign up is free.

Bukisa: This works like hubpages, you can write and post videos, content, images etc but they have a baseline. That is, Bukisa Index payment of 1000 per unique visitors.

Xombia: You make money by writing tips and information sharing. It is free to join.

Helium: Pays for quality contents.

Review Stream: Pays for a published online review. Payment method is PayPal.

Flixya: They pay for your shared blog, videos photos etc.

Epinions: Share your opinions and reviews and get paid.

Review party: Work similar to Epinions but pay through Adsense and Amazon Associate programs.

Associated content: Get paid by publishing text articles, pictures, videos or files.

Software judge: Get paid for software reviews. Payment method is PayPal.

Picky domains: Get paid just to suggest domain names for blog or website. Here you must be very creative so as to win the contest and get paid. Payment is through PayPal.

Rupee mail: This is used only by Indian resident. Get paid by just reading email ads Payment method is check.


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