5 Tips For Choosing An Affiliate Program

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One of the most popular and successful ways to make money online is with affiliate programs. Also called referral programs, affiliate marketing programs are commission based contracts. The concept is simple. When you send a surfer to a merchants website, you will earn a commission based on what that surfer spends on their site. This benefits both you and the merchant as you will earn a commission and the merchant will make a sale and gain a new customer.

To use and affiliate program, you need to have a website. If you already own a site then you can just add text links and banners to it. You can also build individual sites to promote different products. Building multiple sites is very common. The only important thing is that the site is earning more money then it cost you to build and run it.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

You should take great care in choosing an affiliate program as their are a lot of stinkers out their. You should not choose shady merchants that will lessen the value of your website. One of the great benefits of using an affiliate program is that you don’t turn away your visitors with sales pitches. By sending your visitors to a merchant you are able to make money off of them an still retain them as visitors. This is another reason to choose your merchants with care as you would not want one of your surfers to get ripped off.

With that in mind here are 5 tips for choosing a good affiliate program:

1. Look for a merchant that keeps track of statistical data. Being able to track your clicks and sales is important in determining the effectiveness of your advertising and it the merchant is converting.
2. Make sure you are going to get paid at least 25% commission. There are lots of affiliate programs in every niche that will pay a fair percentage for your commissions.
3. When do you get paid? Take note of when the merchant pays its affiliates. Also find out how it takes for them to process your payment after the pay period. Lastly you should see if there is a minimum earning you need to make before payment is sent.
4. Advertising tools are another important feature that you should look for. The affiliate program should have several promotional tools like text links, banners, graphics and rss feeds.
5. Service is important! It should be easy to get in touch with the merchant and get responses to your questions in a timely manner. Affiliate programs should have affiliate managers that will help you with any problems you may have.

There is potential for you to earn a lot of money by promoting affiliate programs. Of course, there is hard work involved. There is a lot to learn and long hours ahead if you want to become successful. The key is to keep building, keep learning, and never give up. Follow those rules and your success will come and you will make money online.

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