7 Killer Article Marketing Tips

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Writing great articles can be difficult, which is why many internet marketer simply don’t bother to do it. However, below article marketing tips will help you to get batter results from your article marketing efforts.

Article Marketing Tips:

1. Headline with Long Tailed Keyword: Include a long tailed keywords in headline of article. By doing this you will inform search engine spiders about the exact topic you will going to explain in rest of the article.

2. Eye Catching Headline: Your headline is the first line that your reader reads and makes judgment of your article whether to read further or not. Including words like “How to”, “10 tips”, “Secrets” makes your article headline more eye catchy.

Article Marketing Tips

3. First Paragraph Impact: Your first  paragraph is  crucial in terms of both for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also to build interest of reader in rest of the article. Keep it short and include your main keyword in the first paragraph.

4. Bullet Points or Listing Points: This is the easiest way to keep interest of the reader in your articles. Most of the people don’t read the whole article they just hover the article. If your article is in list format or break with bullet points then it will be easier for them to go through the article.

5. Paragraph Writing: People don’t like to ready long long  paragraphs. Instead of writing long paragraphs, break it in to small paragraphs and each paragraph of 3-4 lines only.

6. Focus on Subject: Keep focus on subject and stuff your article with more targeted information on subject rather then just overviews.

7. Resource Box: Resource box is the most important component in article marketing. Resource box includes links to your website or your affiliate links at the end of the article. It should not be “about me” type. Tell your reader how you can help him/her to improve on the subject.

Article marketing technique is one of the best SEO technique to drive free traffic to your website. Doing it wisely will not only generate traffic but also boost your ranking on the Google search results.

Hopefully above article marketing tips will help you to get more good results from your article marketing efforts.

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