Consider Outsourcing as a Benefit to Your Business

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Whether you’re considering taking your business online or you already have established a presence on the Internet, you know it’s impossible to do everything yourself. In the world of the Internet, things move very fast. You’ve got to keep your website content and product and service offerings relevant for your target market, plus you need to take care of your administrative, marketing and financial responsibilities that are important in the operations of your business. And most importantly, you need to have the time to working with your clients. Trying to manage all this yourself will quickly overwhelm you, damage your client relationships and negatively impact your business reputation.

Consider Outsourcing as a Benefit to Your Business

Outsourcing will help you tremendously.

If you are a solo-entrepreneur or sole proprietorship company with an online business, you need support just as you would in a corporate office setting.

Traditionally, a business must have office staff that includes a receptionist, bookkeeper, sales person or team, a technical person or team depending on the type of the business, a business manager, clerical workers and front-line workers or customer service representatives. In the online business world, there is not a lot of difference, except the roles have changed to fit the virtual requirements. An online business may use:


  • a virtual assistant who would be the virtual receptionist who may answer your email/check your phone messages and handle other office tasks.
  • a bookkeeper who, when working with you virtually, is not so different from the bookkeeper who works on-site, except you’ll communicate over email or phone or Skype or fax.
  • a website designer/programmer or tech person who creates and maintains your website, blogging social networking and also looks after e-commerce.
  • an online business manager, the chief executive officer, who actually runs the company; manages client and team intake, manages all team members and handles the day-to-day operations


Other people you may also need for your online business are:

  • a copywriter
  • a branding expert
  • a Internet marketing expert

The payroll aspect of an Internet business is also different than an on-site business. Most people who work over the Internet will be paid over the Internet. This means that Internet-based vendors accept payments via Pay Pal or they may have their own credit card processing system. Bank transfers or cheques are also accepted by Internet-based vendors. Virtual payments have become the most popular and fastest methods to be paid.

In any business, even though hiring others to help you is an expense, look at it as an investment instead. You already know you can’t do everything yourself, and when you have the right person or team to work with you, you will quickly find this to be a very good return on that investment.

Here are some key benefits to outsourcing to virtual vendors:

  • you pay only subcontractor fees; there are no employee overhead expenses like income taxes, pensions, and other employee benefits, holiday pay, etc.)
  • you save money by not having to provide office space, computer and other office equipment
  • your subcontractors will work on an ‘as need’ basis or you can opt to have them work on a monthly retainer basis
  • you will be amazed that it is possible to work with anyone from anywhere in the world
  • you can work with different virtual subcontractors simultaneously
  • you will find that you will have more time to work on important priorities of your business and do the work you love to do on the activities that produce the most profits and value beneficial to the growth of your business

Over the last 25 to 30 years, working with a virtual assistant has become more and more popular as the virtual assistant industry continues to grow globally. Internet-based business owners are appreciating the benefits of having these skilled specialists working alongside them as their right-hand person, helping them keep their business running smoothly.

So consider taking this all-important step in your business and check into outsourcing. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by having too much to do any more. Start slowly and hire one person. The sooner you make the move to outsource, the sooner you’ll see how working with a virtual assistant can be very beneficial in helping you achieve your goals and grow a successful business.

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