Is Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant Worthwhile?

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Even after the global economic crisis, business owners are finding that outsourcing is becoming an on-going necessity to keeping up with ever-increasing demands as their business grows. Over the past few years, a new concept to use the services of a Virtual Assistant is becoming a more practical solution.

Advances in technology have helped to make it easier for businesses to outsource their office paperwork and administrative tasks without the need of having a full-time employee on site. Business owners no longer need to provide an office space, furniture and computer and other office equipment. A Virtual Assistant is able to provide administrative support to businesses anywhere in the world. Distance is not a problem because Virtual Assistants communicate with their clients by email, telephone, Internet, fax, instant messenger or file transfer.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Since 1996, the virtual assistant industry has grown to include more than 35,000 professionals around the world. A Virtual Assistant is an independent specialized professional who owns and operates their own business and who provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services from their private office environment. Virtual Assistants are highly skilled professionals, who keep up to date with the latest software and trends. Virtual Assistants provide a diverse range of services but often specialize in many areas of expertise such as Accounting/Bookkeeping, Event Planning, Social Networking, Transcription, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Designer, Web Design, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Project Management or Real Estate Assistance to name just a few.

Virtual Assistant training programs are provided by organizations such as VAClassroom, International Virtual Assistant Association, Assist U, International Association of Virtual Office Assistants, and Red Deer College. While studying in an intensive 2-year curriculum, a student can obtain a Virtual Assistant Certification and work towards obtaining a Master Virtual Assistant designation. indicates that typical virtual assistant hourly rates are in the range of $25 to $75 depending on the services offered, expertise and any certifications they have. Business owners only pay a Virtual Assistant for the time it takes to complete the project or task. Virtual Assistants are responsible for their own taxes, training, healthcare, insurance, and overhead costs associated with operating their own business. This is what makes outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant an affordable option for businesses.

When business owners do administrative office work themselves, they find that this greatly reduces their time to devote to tend to priorities that achieve the goals towards the success of their business and generate revenues to make their business profitable. Business owners may not be able to hire a full-time administrative assistant because of budget cutbacks and company down-sizing. Solo professionals and entrepreneurs may require only occasional administrative support. By outsourcing time-consuming office work and tasks to a Virtual Assistant, they have more time for important revenue-generating priorities, can achieve more in their day and operate a successful business. Visit:

Business Services is a member the rapidly expanding Virtual Assistant industry and was established to provide, professional, efficient bookkeeping services and administrative support for small- and medium- business owners, independent professionals and solo-preneurs through internet, email, fax, and telephone technology. We are dedicated to providing the services our clients need with care and attention to detail and take pride in the work we do for our clients. It is our priority to provide our services according to our clients’ expectations so that they can do the work they love to do, achieve their goals and run a successful business.

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