Role of Affiliate Marketing in Lead Generation

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The popularity of the Internet has thrown open a myriad of opportunities to organizations to augment sales. Internet marketing otherwise called online marketing makes use of the innovative strategies over the Internet to help businesses grow and expand. The interactive nature of Internet marketing makes it a successful marketing automation tool. Internet marketing techniques include email marketing, display advertising, social media, affiliate marketing, interactive marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, mobile advertising and others.

Affiliate Marketing in Lead Generation

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new concept that is growing rapidly as an effective lead management strategy. It is an online marketing technique employed by the marketing automation solution team, which makes use of another website to drive traffic to theirs. This makes affiliate marketing a unique lead generation strategy compared to traditional lead management techniques.

Most lead generation techniques involve interaction between the customer and the marketing or sales team. However, in affiliate marketing it involves the services of a third person called the ‘affiliate’.

Hence, the main players here are merchants, affiliates, and customers. Here is a more detailed look at their roles:

Merchant: In affiliate marketing, the term merchant stands for the seller or advertiser or a brand. The merchant takes up the services of the affiliate to advertise their products or services.

Affiliate: Affiliate is the one who owns the website. Since affiliates publish or market others’ products and services on their websites, they are also referred to as Publishers.

Customer: Affiliate marketing is all about attracting customers’ attention to the merchant’s products and services.

How Affiliate Marketing Helps in Lead Generation

In affiliate marketing, affiliates advertise the merchant’s products or services in the form of links, banner ads, call-to-action buttons etc. on their websites or blogs. The aim is to get the readers to click on the ads, which takes them to the merchant’s web page. Here detailed information about the products or services is provided. If the reader purchases something or provides contact details or even shows interest, the affiliates are compensated. If the merchant is able to close a sale or generate quality leads the affiliate gets commission.

Importance of Content in Affiliate Marketing

Making affiliate marketing a success is upon the affiliates. Hence, it is very important to make their websites attractive and appealing. And the only way to do this is by providing value-based content that is not only relevant, but also up-to-date. If people find the content appealing then it would drive more traffic. More traffic means more visitors, more clicks, and more leads. However, for effective lead generation, affiliates must ensure that the content and the products promoted are along the same line. Though affiliate marketing is relatively new, it has the capability to deliver great results. While, only some marketers so far have tapped its potential as an effective lead management tool, it is sure to be used more widely in the years to come.

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