What Is a Scam and How Do You Spot Them?

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Well, you would have to be an idiot to believe every pitch you come across for making money online. I’m no idiot but I do check everything out that interests me. First I read the email… and I’m on every email list in the country I think… but I don’t mind because I have a specific email I use to sign up for all kinds of information. Usually once a week I go through and scan the sometimes hundreds of emails there. After reading thousands of those kinds of emails over the years, I can scan through and pretty much tell which ones are scams and which ones might actually be something interesting. They all have what I call “high pitch”, but the more authentic offers have a slightly less high pitch. The subject lines of the authentic offers sometimes tell you in a nutshell what they are offering or give clues as to what it is.


For example, the email I got from Fast Cash Commission had the following subject line: “Callie, your place is ready. You can start now.” That told me he had a membership site. He also had his name in his email address. That speaks volumes. He wasn’t hiding – he wasn’t afraid to be “Out there”. Scammers try to hide who they really are. The email also mentioned a money back guarantee. Scammers never, never offer that.

Scams usually have funky email addresses and claims that you can make gazillion dollars in your first year. Ah… no you can’t… not if you’re a knob or don’t have thousands of dollars to spend getting someone else to set it up for you, and you’re disillusioned if you think you can. Here’s an example of a scam email: “Make $15,000 with one click of a button!” And it has a gobble-gook ‘from’ email address. Sometimes authentic offers have hyped up subject lines but the majority of the real deals are from actual honest to goodness Internet Marketers who have real businesses and are not afraid to tell you who they are.

So that’s the short version on how to try to spot a scam right from the get go… the initial email. If you’re not sure after reading the offer, then Google it. There are a lot of “Review” websites that come up on the results page of Google or other search engines, but they aren’t actually reviews. They are just pages put up by people promoting the program/opportunity (whatever you want to call it) and they put the word Review in the title to try to fool you. You usually get more honest and actual reviews from Forums.

As a general rule, whenever a new “program” or “opportunity” is launched, if it’s just content, don’t buy it. You can get all the information you need for free. If it has software included in the program, and how- to videos, then find out exactly what the software is before buying… again, search engines are the best place to get the information. If the software is something that will help you do what you want to do then, and then buy it. Prices vary depending on the sophistication of the software, but a good rule of thumb for purchase price is anything UNDER $100. Remember, these guys are selling Thousands of copies, so YOU don’t have to pay development price. Its bullshit if they say it cost those years of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the software. In the 90′s, yeah maybe… but not now. A good programmer can develop a half decent piece of software for $2,000 – $5,000. Most online marketing software to automate the whole process have been developed already, the newer ones have just been tweaked to include new technologies and trends. So really, your copy shouldn’t cost more than $97…

**Tip** you’ll notice that everything online is priced ending with a $7 figure… $47, $77, $97… Little tip… when you go to buy something, don’t check out immediately. Click the x to close the page and you’ll immediately get a pop up box asking if you really want to Leave Page, or Stay on Page. Click Stay on Page option and a new screen will come up offering you $10 off the purchase price. Hey, Save Yourself $10!! I would, and even if you buy from me I’ll still tell you to save the $10… That can make a lot of difference for a lot of people. I figure if more of us online marketers helped each other we’d be a lot further ahead than we are. So I’m putting my ethics into action here. Save yourself money whenever you can!

It’s a cruel world out there trying to find a way in the Online Marketing World. I started trying things about 10 years ago, in 2001 actually. I signed up for everything I came across… At first I just read everything. I used Google like I was obsessed. And I was. I was SOOOOO Afraid. I was scared to death I was going to get ripped off. And then I was. Several times in fact. After a while I lost my fear because I never actually paid any more than $100 for anything, and in fact as soon as I discovered what I had purchased was crap, I requested my money back. And I learned very quickly to pay for EVERYTHING with either PayPal or a credit card that has a very low limit. That way you can get your money back because both of these folks just reverse the charges for you.

So, this is the first thing I will tell you to do if you are serious about earning some money from the internet. I have personally used PayPal since the beginning and I Highly recommend them. Their customer support is way above excellent.

Sign up for an account. This will be used to RECEIVE commission’s income and to pay for anything you buy. It’s a free service.

I want to let you know that any of the links I provide on my blog or website to help you get set up, will have my own affiliate ID imbedded in the link, so that the company will pay me commissions for any referrals to them. The company itself provides me with the imbedded code for the link… I just place it on my website. I’ll be showing you how to do the same thing on your own website/blog. THAT right there is how most people make money from the internet. So if you are nervous about clicking any of the links to these companies, I just want to put your mind at ease. You can go to these websites independently to verify this, and I encourage you to do so. Every reputable company will have a contact support line that is there to answer any of your questions.

So PayPal is the first step you should take asp when getting set up because you DO want to get paid, right? Make sure you have a separate email set up for offers and other junk. You will get on mailing lists and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just make sure you have an email Separate from your personal one. Get used to checking it DAILY. Read everything you’re interested in and delete everything you’re not. Add the junk to the junk folder. Check the junk folder daily because sometimes stuff that’s NOT junk gets sent to that folder. Take care of your email account daily or it will Quickly get away from you and become a royal pain in the ass. You don’t need that because you’ll have enough to think about and do.

So this is enough for this post. Tomorrow I am going to give some suggestions for a couple of different ways to go, easiest to Hardest. I don’t know you or what level you are at, so you’ll have to make the call yourself as to which way you feel comfortable following. Toddles for now!

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