Basic SEO: Quick Money – Step 9

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To optimise your chances of getting traffic, you ought to think about doing a tiny bit of basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It sounds more complicated than it is. Now this is helping our mate, Google, to understand what our site or weblog is about – nothing more, nothing less.

When you generate your site or weblog, make positive you use a keyword in the following places: Weblog Title; URL; Page Descriptions; Weblog Post Title; Weblog Post Content; Headings and so on. Don’t overdo the use of keywords in your content – this is called spam – but give the search engines every opportunity to understand what your weblog is about – that is all you require to do. Some weblog platforms (WordPress) have simple add-ins that can accomplish this step basically with a few clicks. But even in the event you require to edit the weblog template by hand, it is not complicated.


In the event you follow the steps in the earlier tips, you will be naturally climbing the search engine rankings by providing original content and building incoming links to it. And that, my mate, is exactly what Google wishes. Work with Google and you will be ultimately rewarded. Resist the temptation to go looking for loopholes and quick-fixes. get passionate about the subject of your weblog – and keep writing and building links.

To summarise, this tip concerns some basic SEO. It is not rocket science, but you ought to consistently use a keyword related to your main topic in all the significant sections of your weblog template. Not doing this places you at a disadvantage over other blogs that deal along with your topic. But keep in mind that it is quality, relevant contact and inbound links that make the difference. See here

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