Building a List: Quick Money – Step 6

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In the earlier tip, they discussed the benefits of using electronic mail to get your message to your prospects. Of coursework, you cannot use this method in the event you don’t have a list of prospects to target.

So how do you go about building a list?

There’s plenty of methods but what all of them have in common is the necessity for a web presence of some kind. Perhaps the simplest way to generate a web presence is by building a weblog (web log). There’s plenty of free sites on the net where you can generate blogs and use them commercially including the popular Blogger platform at



In the event you have a weblog, you can edit the HTML template to embed your own codeand it is a simple matter to embed the code for an unblockable pop-up that will appear one time when someone visits your weblog. To help people make the decision to sign-up, offer them an incentive. Yes – something free: how about a free coursework, for example, on the subject they are most interested in?

In the event you Google ‘unblockable pop-up’ you will find plenty of sites offering you the necessary code – I got mine free by doing this. What happens after they sign-up? They are going to be fed in to your Autoresponder (more on this in a future tip) from which they are going to be sent your coursework – automatically! And keep in mind, because you setup the coursework in the way they historically in the past discussed (see tips #5), you will certainly see results.

To summarise, this tip concerns building a prospect list by making use of an unblockable pop-up in order to feed prospects in to an autoresponder sequence from which they will receive your coursework or other quality information which also carries your promotion.

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