Do You Need Money to Get Started?

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I wish I had $1,000 right now to buy that Automated software I came across… but I did come across a website that offers a 30 day free trial, so when I’m ready to use it, I’ll download it and give it a spin. You don’t need a Whole lot of money to get started in your Online Money Making adventure, but you do need some. If you don’t mind spending years figuring it all out, then you could do it for free, but who has the time or the inclination?

You Need MoneySo since the last post I’ve been following the Step-By-Step instructions that the Anthony Morrison videos are teaching from the Fast Cash Commissions site and step-by-step I am getting closer to never having to punch a clock again. I used to have a big learn more button up at the top of the blog to make it easier for you get to the FCC website if you want to buy that program, but I changed themes, so the button will be on the right hand column. I don’t want you to have to scroll through what will eventually be hundreds of posts, to find his website.

If you want to go on online money making journey with me, then Stop Procrastinating and Just go get the darn program and start learning from the videos the guy has. If you have NEVER done any online marketing before, it might be a bit overwhelming. What I explain here might make more sense if you do, but it’s a pretty in-depth course for newbies. But don’t worry you don’t have to, you can follow the journey just fine anyway.

Recently, I also came across another website that has a pretty neat little piece of software that help you use Facebook, Amazon and Click bank to make money. I’m really exploring that right now and learning how to use that. Once I’ve worked with it a bit, I’ll give you a review of my experience with it. Until then, I’ll give you the link to this new website. It’s called Quick Click Commissions and it’s fairly inexpensive to get the information and the software… less than $40.

The videos with ‘Jessica’ in it are a bit annoying, but they give a pretty good overview of what’s included. One of the video’s I watched I could hardly hear what she was saying because all I could think was “Pull down your damn dress girl; we can see your skivvies”!! And I could see the video grapher’s reflection in the window behind her… Sheesh, I guess presentation really is important. Remind me to wear Jeans and not have any mirrors or windows in view if I ever decide to do a you tube video! LOL

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