Email Marketing: Quick Money – Step 5

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If you have followed along with this series, I can assure you that when you have completed all of the earlier steps (see tips #1tips #4), you will be way ahead of most net marketers. Keep in mind that the giant majority of net marketers don’t make any funds at all. Why?
Exactly, because they are not doing what they discussed; they are trying to put the cart before the horse by presenting largely inappropriate recommendations to their contacts.

Having completed the foregoing steps, you are already in the position where you have identified what your target market actually desires – and that puts you ahead of the remainder of the field. Now you need to think about how to get your message to the individuals who need to actually listen to it. There’s lots of ways to accomplish this, but they will start by thinking about the humble e-mail.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Before you can send an e-mail to a group of prospects, you first need to have gathered that group in to some method that lets you send out a mass e-mail (they will think about how to do this in a future tip). Now, they are not speaking about spam here; they are speaking about sending people useful information that they have requested – there is a giant difference!

In your mail messages – which, for example, could be a work of some kind – you will basically place an advertisement for your identified solution(s) in the same way that a journal of newspaper would do. Your prospects won’t mind receiving marketing by this method because the adverts are embedded in to useful information and they have been conditioned to see information in this format in lots of different places both online and offline.

A proportion of your prospect list will click though your advertisement to a location page containing your sales message. And, think it or not, a quantity of them will buy from you. It will happen because they will come to trust your recommendation as a consequence of you helping them by providing other quality accompanying information. See more article here

To summarise, there’s lots of ways to get your message to your prospects. Irrespective of what you may think, e-mail is a effective method – but you need to do it right. Embed your advertisement in to quality information and you will be well rewarded.

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