Finding the Problem: Quick Money – Step 2

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When you know who your average potential customer is (see tip #1), that is, you have chosen your target audience and understand it is demographic, then you are prepared to think about the offering you will finally pitch to him/her. Actually, that is a powerful point right there: when the time comes, you ought to write your sales pitch as in the event you were speaking with an individual; not as in the event you are speaking to a group – it will be all the stronger for it. However, this tip concerns the offering itself: what ought to you offer?

Your offering or product ought to satisfy a specific issue that your audience is both interested in solving and is willing to pay for the solution. Now, do not confuse the business of looking for information with the matter of looking for a solution. People search everyday on the net for all sorts of things, but most of them are not interested in purchasing anything – they basically require information. More information

Now then, keep in mind that you not only require to find the individuals who are looking for a solution, you also require to discover a solution they are willing to pay for. Usually, this means that the solution will be hard to find and ideally, something that is a burning issue for your prospects – that is why they are going to be prepared to pay i.e. for the convenience of you having found the solution for them.


So how are you able to find what your target market is prepared to pay for? Well, it is basically a matter of proper research. You will require to find relevant forums and other social-interaction sites where your target market hangs-out. That is where to do your market research. As you get to understand the issues your prospects are facing – the major issues, issues and difficulties – you can identify the solutions you will require to find.

To summarise, this tip concerns finding a major issue that is difficult to solve and which your prospects are concerned about. This will point you in the direction of finding the solution that will actually become your offer – we’ll talk more about the offer in the next tip. More tips


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