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When you first start blogging online you have to decision to make that will affect your whole blogging experience. You have to decide whether you will choose a free site that will host your blog for you like Word Press or Blogger for example or build blog under your own domain name. Both options have their pros and cons which I will briefly explain.

Choosing blogging platform. If you choose a blogging platform like mentioned before you can choose from many custom made templates that are made ready for you to use, and in case you should have any tech knowledge yourself it would be a piece of cake to make the site unique. Another good side is that is will not cost you anything and they are rather easy to monetize as well. The problem is that you do not have full control over your blog and your URL would look something like your blogname. or yourblog It might not be a problem for you but it might become one when you face the SEO challenge. But anyway, having a free blog is a good choice if you just want to try whether making money blogging might be the right thing for you.


Your own domain name. But if you know that you have the ability and time to write catchy content and you want to make serious income out of blogging, it’s better if you have full control over you blog and that is something you won’t get from free blogging platforms. It will cost you approximately $15-$20 a year to buy a domain name and set up hosting for your blog. That’s not very high cost and the benefits you get for that money are far greater than the costs involved. Plus you have total freedom to do whatever you want to do with your blog. The big minus in this case is that you need to be familiar with website building, or you should have some friends who help you with that. It’s rather easy to have word press running on your site with all its themes and plugins and so on but if you’ve never had contact with such things, it can cause a rather nice stress level. In that case you’d better have a tech friend close by. The most important question. The most important question is what you will be blogging about. You can write about anything, really. Some people blog about their lives in general; some blog about their work; some blog about their hobbies; some blog about their children and parenting, and others blog about the weird world of celebrities. Whatever your field will be, make sure it’s something you are really passionate about because you’d have to be posting for three or four times a week minimum and you wouldn’t want your enthusiasm run out after two weeks. If you’re not having fun writing your blog posts, no one will have fun reading them.

The Length of Posts. Now you should be ready writing your first blog posts. A blog post around 400-500 words is a good post with a lot of information in it. Sometimes you might write shorter posts, sometimes your posts stretch up to 1500 words, which might be called a little article already. In case you happen to have a lot to say about one subject you might want to write several posts about it, naming them part 1, part 2 accordingly. In that case your readers don’t have to read the whole newspaper at once. Getting Traffic. So you’ve got your blog up and running and you’re posting to it on a regular basis. The next step is to attract as many readers as possible. One good way of doing this is to submit your blog to as many social bookmarking sites as possible. Another way is joining social networking sites and building your profile with your blog link in it. You can also add your blog to blog directories and submit articles About you’re subject to article directories with your blog link attached. You can attend forums and share your blog address there and add your signature (and blog link) to your e-mails you send out. There are actually numerous free things you can do to attract traffic.

Monetizing Your Blog. Now that your blog is up and running and you have plenty of readers, all you need to do is monetize the blog to make actual money. Google AdSense is probably the best known method – you can join the program for free and show ads that are related to your subject. You can also review and comment on other people’s products like e-books or software they sell online, and earn commissions when your readers buy products clicking on your affiliate links. Once your blog is really popular and gets loads of traffic you can even charge companies for displaying ads on your site.

Selling Your Blog. There is one final step you can take with your blog – yes, you can actually sell your blog! Once it is established and has plenty of revenue and traffic, you can sell it for about ten times its monthly revenue! And then, you can either enjoy your earned money or start a new blog on a new subject.

So that’s blogging basics. You should keep in mind that profitable blogging does not happen overnight but takes time and dedication. If you have blogging experiences and are willing to share them, feel free to leave it as a comment, or even better – contact me for more specific overview and get your experience published in this blog. You can find the sharing form on the right menu.

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