Making Money Online… Easy or Hard?

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Making money online is one of those ‘things’ that most people explore the edges of, but seem to be afraid to jump right in to do. I can definitely understand why. It costs money to find out HOW to make money online. Plain and simple. So “How” to do it remains a mystery to most of those tentative explorers because they are too afraid the money they spend on the “How To” will reap no rewards.

Yeah. Been there, done that and I could write a book on my many failures at trying to find out how to earn my living online. All I can say is, “It’s a journey” but I Thank God that I went through it, cause if I hadn’t you’d be sitting there thinking “Shut the heck up stupid, and you know nothing!!”nIn actual fact, I know a lot. Not as much as some of that Online marketing “Guru’s”, but who cares about them… they take your money and run. In the online money making world, there is a grass-roots movement taking place to put a little bit of power back in your hands. It’s all well and good if you have a thousand dollars here, and a thousand dollars there to drop on the newest, click software. And if you can afford that then you’ll be way ahead of the pack. Reality Check.

Not too many “average” wage earners want to take the chance on blowing $1,000 on something that May or May Not work. In Most Cases, it’s not the software in question; it’s the Ability of the user to learn how to make it work! Pretty much anyone can LEARN how to use any type of software if they have someone teaching them how to do it. But if you have a piece of software plunked down on your desktop and a big thick manual to read through that you basically have to teach yourself how to use…. well the writing is on the wall with that now isn’t it? 75% of us will get discouraged before we’re halfway through the learning curve, and then quit.

AND… there are literally thousands of home-grown pieces of software out there that promise to help you. Seriously.

Last November I purchased a “System” by Anthony Morrison called Fast Cash omissions. It’s pretty extensive and has lots of Video Tutorials with accompanying links to free resources that you need to make the system work. I got through the first set of tutorials and then had to move residence, so everything got packed, moved, unpacked, then Christmas happened, then my beautiful first grandchild arrived, and then, and then… Life happens. We just have to pick back up and move forward!

So here I am two months later working through the information again and have clicked on links and followed steps and have come full circle back to that sinking feeling that I’m still in a damned Catch 22 when it comes to TRYING to make money on the internet. I’m not giving up though because the information I’m getting IS good. The instructions ARE good. The tools I’ve been given to work with DO work. I just have to be patient, and Keep working at it. Thankfully, I have the time right now, so I just have to be more patient with myself.

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