Understand Your Target Market: Quick Money – Step 1

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The first thing you need to do when thinking about how to make money online is to define your target market. Sounds simple & it is, but it is an often overlooked step to profiting on the net. You need to receive a picture of your ideal customer firmly in your mind first – before you even think about doing any promotion at all. You ought to think about how elderly your ideal customer is, what level of schooling they have, where they live, how much disposable income they enjoy & so on.

When you know who your target promotion is i.e. who your ideal customer is, then you can take the next step, which is to ask yourself what that ideal customer actually wishes & needs. There is a basic difference between wishes & needs, but in both cases, you are looking for issues that are difficult to solve, that people would even be willing to pay an amount of money in return for access to a solution.

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Keep in mind, you are not looking for what your target market is looking for online, you are looking for which issues they face that are irksome for them to think about pulling out their wallets. When you have identified these issues, the next move is to identify the best feasible solutions that also offer affiliate programs.

Your final step is to basically connect the dots. You – the net marketer – need to become the link between the Google search & the product recommendation. That is how simple it is to make money online. Of coursework they are going to go in to this method in more detail as they work our way through this series, but in essence, right there you have what Affiliate Promotion is all about.

To summarise, this tip concerns developing an understanding of your target market. Get this wrong & your efforts will be severely hampered; get this right & you could finally be on your way to writing out your own pay check. So keep in mind: you are not looking for what people are searching for; you are looking for what issues your target market has that are difficult to solve for them to be willing to part with money.


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