Mission Lane Visa

Stay with us to find out what are the top features of this card, explore the ways to boost your credit score and learn about the fors and against of adding it to your wallet.

Top 5 features of Mission Lane Credit Card

The Mission Lane Visa is designed to assist you in improving your credit score, and it comes with an array of impressive features.

For starters, there is an instant approval decision, rather than a lengthy waiting period. With the Mission Lane Visa®, you’ll receive an immediate decision on your application within 60 seconds, providing you with quick access to the card.

Next comes the credit limit increase – if you demonstrate responsible credit behavior, Mission Lane automatically evaluates your account for a higher credit line. In as little as 7 months, you may qualify for an increased credit limit, allowing you greater financial flexibility.

The pricing is transparent and the card does not charge any hidden fees that are common with similar cards. There is a predictable pricing structure, meaning you won’t encounter security deposit requirements, monthly maintenance fees, or over-the-limit charges.

Financial education is a topic any individual should take care of. Mission Lane provides free online education: valuable resources through short, informative videos that cover several topics, including credit management, saving strategies, and more. Make sure you check these videos before making your decision.

In order to improve your credit score, your credit details need to be reported to the credit bureaus. Mission Lane understands the significance of credit reporting and by reporting your payment history to all three major credit bureaus—Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian—you have the opportunity to build and improve your credit score across the board. Your responsible credit behavior will be recognized by the leading credit agencies.

What is the Mission Lane Visa Credit Card?

In simplest terms, the Mission Lane Visa Credit Card is a credit card that will suit anyone that has issues in improving their credit score. It is amongst the best choices for individuals with limited credit history, starting with a credit limit of over $300, without requesting any security deposit. However, credit cards have a side that is not so bright and although you might not be charged with an annual fee, it is crucial that you are aware of the applied APR.

All in all, this credit card comes with many perks and benefits, that will be briefly explained in the next section.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now, let’s dive into both the pros and cons of getting this credit card.


Getting a credit card may cause headaches for people with bad credit, yet here comes the main advantage of the Mission Lane Visa Card: you can qualify for this credit card even with a bad credit score.

Next, it does not require a security deposit and depending on your credit history, some customers may even avoid the annual fee. This is not the case with many credit cards, therefore should be considered as a huge plus in ranking your options.

Moreover, if you demonstrate responsible use of the credit card, you will get the ability to increase your credit limit. The common starting limit is set at $300, which is considered to be a fair starting point for an unsecured card.

Also, as Mission Lane will report your activities to credit bureaus, your adequate use will affect your credit reports and ultimately your credit score.

The most exhausting part of obtaining a credit card is usually the long application and approval periods. Nevertheless, Mission Lane will provide you with an answer under 60 seconds of filling the application.

But, before rushing with the application, we suggest you take a look at the downsides of this credit card.


When deciding on whether getting a credit card is a smart move to make, the APR should be considered as one of the most important things to beware of. As expected, the price for a credit-building card would be a not so cheap APR. It varies between 26.99%-29.99, so if you are struggling to make ends meet, it just might not be worth the risk.

Apart from the APR, Mission Lane Visa Card may charge you with an annual fee up to $59. Note that this will reduce your credit limit, which in most cases is set to be only $300.

When building your credit limit, many users will not focus on receiving any rewards. However, it is worth noticing that this credit card will not earn you any – there are no cashback rewards, which is a huge downside compared to its competitors.

How to apply?

If you have gone through all of the listed pros and cons and finished your cost-benefit analysis, you may be wondering what the application process looks like.

You should start by visiting the Mission Lane website and complete the application form by entering your personal information and contact details such as a phone number. After that, you will be able to see your card terms and if you agree to them – proceed and accept the offer.

Bottom line – is Mission Lane Visa Card worth having?

The decision on whether this is the right credit card for you mainly depends on your financial goals. If you focus on short term goals, i.e. you are trying to quickly improve your credit score, matching this with the fact that there are no hidden fees – then the Mission Lane Visa Card is a no brainer for you. On the other hand, even though the fees and APR are in line with its competitors, it is worth noting that you won’t receive any cashback rewards. Plus, if your credit score is not very bad and you tend to carry a balance, you may be able to consider better options.

All things considered, if you are not interested in putting down a security deposit and your credit score is low, then you should definitely consider applying for a Mission Lane Visa Card.

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