What Is a Scam and How Do You Spot Them?

Well, you would have to be an idiot to believe every pitch you come across for making money online. I’m no idiot but I do check everything out that interests me. First I read the email… and I’m on every email list in the country I think… but I don’t mind because I have a specific email I use to sign up for all kinds of information. Usually once a week I go through and scan the sometimes hundreds of emails there. After reading thousands of those kinds of emails over the years, I can scan through and pretty much tell which ones are scams and which ones might actually be something interesting. They all have what I call “high pitch”, but the more authentic offers have a slightly less high pitch. The subject lines of the authentic offers sometimes tell you in a nutshell what they are offering or give clues as to what it is. [Read more…]