Quick Tips on How to Make Money Online

research ways to make money online before Tip #1:  Research is necessary

Brushing up on your research skills may be necessary in any of the three types of services available to make money online. In online retailing just like in traditional retail stores looking at the supply and demand of the market is essential. This allows us to see what products could probably sell well or if the prices we set are competitive with respect to the others in the market.  A good tool to use for this type of research is marksight(http://www.marksight.com/). It’s a tool that monitors the products posted on ebay and  providing some basic information on what types of products are listed and how much percent of the posted product where sold within the 7 days of data gathered.
For oDesk, a lot of the jobs employers ask freelancers to do is to find information and  consolidate information on a single document or webpage. So the capacity to find information and sort it out is an essential part of  generalized freelancers job.To make money online finding out about what stocks are performing well, what stocks are going up or down and when to buy and sell are the essential bits of information needed to make a decision when dealing with stocks.  This is called technical analysis it is commonly done by broker companies that transact on a clients behave and is made available to their clients.  Unfortunately no technical analysis portal is freely available to the public. Most information of this nature is available thru online brokers like citiseconline. [Read more…]