U.S. Bank Cash +: Unlocking the Benefits of a Powerful Cashback Card

In this article, we will explore the key aspects of the U.S. Bank Cash + card, including its top features, advantages, and step-by-step guide on how to apply for one.

Top 3 Best Features of U.S. Bank Cash +

With a wide palate of cashback categories, the U.S. Bank Cash + Visa signature card, offers tailored rewards based on your spending habits.

You earn up to 5% cash back on the first $2,000 in combined eligible purchases each quarter on two categories of your choice. Categories range from fast food restaurants, through department stores, and even cell phone and electronic stores.

If this list did not yet convince you to start filling your details, the U.S. Bank Cash + expands the cashback lists on several more categories including gyms and sporting goods stores, movie theatres and even furniture and clothing stores!

Additionally, you receive 2% cash back on daily transactions on one everyday category. With the U.S. Bank Cash +, your daily trips to local gas or EV charging stations could turn to an earning possibility.

If neither of the above was not sufficient to lure you in, check the annual percentage rate which starts at 0% on purchases and transfers for the first 15 cycles. Moreover, users are not charged with an annual fee.

But, what exactly is the U.S. Bank Cash + Card?

The U.S. Bank Cash + card is a bank card that allows its users to access money in their checking accounts. It substitutes cash and checks for everyday transactions, while allowing its users to earn rewards.

Besides, it offers flexibility in choosing your preferred cashback categories and provides a seamless experience with its user-friendly features.

How does it work?

The basis on which this card operates is a cashback rewards program. Users can select two 5% cashback categories from a list of spending areas including utilities and department stores, electronic and cell phone stores, clothing and furniture stores, as well as theatres and gyms.

Moreover, they can choose one 2% cashback category from a list of restaurants, grocery stores and gas stations. With a huge number of registered stores, customers can earn customized rewards for their regular purchases.

Advantages of the U.S. Bank Cash + Card

Below, we will explore the numerous advantages of the U.S. Bank Cash + Card:

For starters, prepaid travel rewards are considered a huge benefit, as they include travel reservations, made up but not limited to hotels and cars. You might start planning your next vacation, as with each reservation, you could earn 5% cashback.

Furthermore, there is a flexibility on reward redemption, as shopper cash rewards are received in 3 ways: obtain a reward card, use it as a statement credit and the most attractive one – it could be directly deposited to your U.S. Bank checking or savings account, a feature not many competitors could provide.

All things considered, depositing your savings account seems like the biggest benefit of this cashback program.

Additional benefits are the cash back options, as with more than a thousand online stores, this card offers limitless opportunities of cash back earnings.

Finally, none of the advantages listed above would matter if there was lack of ease of use. The U.S. Bank Cash + Card is a contactless card making it ideal for every day transactions at your local restaurant or gas station.

Despite its surprisingly good benefits, there are also some perks that customers should take a look at. Let’s explore some of the disadvantages below.

Disadvantages of the U.S. Bank Cash + Card

Everything good comes at a price, and even though there is no annual fee for the card, there are some fees that you need to be aware of.

The APR starts at 0% for new users, but goes up to 29.49%. In addition, users are charged for late payments and the fee that will be assessed differentiates, as follows:

The first time your payment is late, a Late Payment Fee of $28.00 will be assessed. If another payment is late during the next 6 billing cycles, a Late Payment Fee of $39.00 will be assessed.

Also, fees for international transactions apply at 3% of each foreign purchase transaction or foreign ATM advance transaction in a Foreign Currency.

Regardless of the many fees, if you act responsibly and follow the rules, it is very probable that you will not be charged with most of the fees.

Another perk to beware of is the spending cap of $2.000. Specifically, purchases up to $2.000 will earn 5% cash back, but any purchases in the 5% categories that go above this cap will earn just 1% cash back.

However, there is a small hack for this too, as there are no limits on your 2% or 1% cash back earnings. So, if you use the card for weekly trips to the gas station, the spending cap should not be giving you any headaches.

Speaking about rewards redeeming, providing customers with several ways of redeeming their rewards, seems as if it should be considered rather as an advantage. However, the minimum amounts for redemptions and their expiration dates proves the opposite. The minimum redemption amount for deposits into your U.S. Bank deposit account (Savings, Checking or Money Market), statement credits is set at $25. Moreover, there is a $25 minimum redemption ($5 increments) for U.S. Bank Rewards Cards as well as $10 minimum for Real-Time Rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the U.S. Bank Cash + Card

Once you have gone through all the benefits and perks of owning the U.S. Bank Cash + Card and made the decision of getting one, it is time to visit the official U.S. Bank Cash + website and apply.

The process is straightforward and will take you about 60 seconds: you will need to fill out the required application form with your personal information, submit the application and wait for the bank’s approval. Once approved, your U.S. Bank Cash + card will be mailed to your registered address.

Embrace the Benefits of U.S. Bank Cash +

To conclude, the U.S. Bank Cash + Visa signature card is a versatile cashback card that offers flexibility, value, and a user-friendly experience. With its attractive rewards program, absence of an annual fee, and access to exclusive discounts, it is a worthy addition to any wallet.

While it has a limited spending cap and foreign transaction fees, the benefits outweigh these minor drawbacks.

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