Citi Custom Cash

This credit card isn’t just a piece of plastic; it’s a key that unlocks financial freedom and rewards tailored to you.

In this post, we’ll delve into the top features of the Citi Custom Cash Card, explore its advantages, and provide insights on how to get started on your journey to intelligent spending.

What Is the Citi Custom Cash Card?

Imagine a credit card that works for you, not vice versa. The Citi Custom Cash Card is a financial tool that adapts to your lifestyle and preferences. It’s a card that understands your needs, ensuring you earn the most where you spend the most.

How Does It Work?

Utilize the card for purchases. Per billing cycle, earn 5% cash back on a chosen category spending up to $500, then 1%. This converts to Thank-you points – 5 points per $1 in the top category, 1 point per $1 elsewhere.

Redeem points for versatile options like cash back, statement credits, direct deposits, checks, gift cards, travel, and shopping. No enrollment is needed; the cycle of earning and redeeming continues seamlessly, boosting your monthly financial rewards.

Top 5 Best Features of the Citi Custom Cash Card

The Citi Custom Cash Card stands out in recognizing and adapting to your unique spending patterns. Enjoy 5% cash back each billing cycle on your top eligible spending category, tailoring rewards to your preferences. Whether you dine, shop, or travel, this card transforms every purchase into a rewarding experience aligned with your passions.

Say farewell to wallet searches at checkout. The Citi Custom Cash Card brings the ease of contactless payment technology, ensuring swift and secure transactions with a simple tap. Seamlessly pay in-store and online, streamlining your shopping process.

The Citi Custom Cash Card earns you $200 cashback as an enticing bonus. Spend $1,500 on purchases within the first six months of opening your account, and you’ll enjoy this cashback reward. This initial boost sets the tone for a rewarding journey with your Citi Custom Cash Card, allowing you to maximize your spending.

The absence of an annual fee sets the Citi Custom Cash Card apart. Unlike cards with costs, this card offers rewards without added expenses. Your rewards are truly yours, enhancing the overall value of the card.

Manage balances effectively with the Citi Custom Cash Card’s 0% Intro APR for the initial 15 months on purchases and balance transfers. Post-introductory period, the variable APR (19.24% – 29.24%) is based on creditworthiness. This initial rate offers interest savings as you navigate your financial journey.

Advantages of the Citi Custom Cash Card

Rest assured that assistance is available around the clock. The Citi Custom Cash Card offers 24/7 customer service, ensuring you can get help whenever needed. Whether you have questions about your account, need assistance with a transaction, or require support with any other card-related matter, the customer service team is there to assist you.

The Citi Custom Cash Card keeps up with modern trends in payment technology by offering compatibility with digital wallets on compatible mobile devices. This feature allows you to add your card to your preferred digital wallet, making it even easier to make contactless payments and streamline your transactions.

The Citi Custom Cash Card prioritizes your financial security by offering $0 liability on unauthorized charges. In the unfortunate event of unauthorized transactions, you won’t be held responsible for the charges. This assurance adds more confidence to your card usage, allowing you to use your card with peace of mind and security.

The card takes proactive steps to safeguard your financial well-being. With 24-hour fraud protection, you receive alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected on your account. This early detection system helps you promptly identify potential fraudulent transactions, allowing you to take immediate action to protect your card and finances.

Enroll in Mastercard ID Theft Protection for an additional layer of security against identity theft. This service assists you in monitoring and resolving identity theft issues, offering you support and guidance if you become a victim of identity theft. With this added protection layer, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape.

Disadvantages of the Citi Custom Cash Card

While the Citi Custom Cash Card presents various benefits, it’s crucial to consider potential downsides. The card may involve a higher-than-anticipated balance transfer fee, particularly significant for those planning to consolidate balances from other cards. Deliberating this fee against potential reward savings is a sensible approach.

The card’s foreign transaction fee could impact the reward value for frequent global transactions. Frequent travelers or international shoppers might want to explore cards with lower or waived foreign transaction fees for better savings.

Although the card tailors rewards, it’s essential to recognize that specific everyday spending categories may offer fewer rewards. Assessing how well the rewards structure aligns with your spending patterns can inform your decision-making process.

Understanding Annuity, Fees, and Limit

While the card offers excellent rewards, knowing its financial impact is essential. The interest rate can be 19.24% to 29.24%, so use credit responsibly. There’s an excellent 0% interest on purchases for 15 months and balance transfers, too, helping you manage debts better.

The good news is there’s no Annual Fee ($0), making the card valuable.

But watch out for the Balance Transfer Fee, 5% of the transferred amount, a minimum of $5. Also, Cash Advances cost 5% or at least $10. If you spend abroad, there’s a 3% fee. Knowing these fees helps you plan smartly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the Card

Getting the Citi Custom Cash Card is simple and helps you take control of your finances.

Go to the Citi website to learn about the Citi Custom Cash Card. Click “Apply Now” when you’re ready to start. Put in your personal and money details accurately. Make sure everything’s right for quicker approval.

Please review your application, send it online, and await a reply. Citi’s quick process ensures you get an answer soon. Your card will be sent to your mailbox when approved. It’s all set for your financial journey ahead.


The Citi Custom Cash Card is more than just a credit card. It’s a companion that empowers you to make smarter financial decisions.

From its tailored rewards to the convenience of contactless payments, this card is designed with you in mind.

While weighing its benefits against potential disadvantages, please take advantage of its comprehensive services and embark on a journey to financial flexibility and rewards like never before.

Apply today and open the door to a brighter financial future.

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