Weekly Round Up – February 01, 2014

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Make MoneyBefore we get to the good reads!

Check out this beastly resource on Finding a Real Writing Job, and let me know what you think.

A Few Good Reads

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the past week.

1. I Finally Figured Out How to Make Money On the Internet. I’m Going to Get a Job: 

How many times have you had that conversation with your friends about how the Internet is the new frontier that has evened the playing field for everybody — except nobody knows how to monetize it yet?

Well, as a blogger and creator of original internet content, I have looked at the problem from every possible perspective. And, because the Internet is also noted for being an egalitarian platform, I have decided to share this money-making secret with everyone. Now, you, too, can turn the time you spend writing eBooks, sharing your music, launching Kickstarter campaigns and struggling to gain followers on Twitter and likes on Facebook into tangible, identifiable economic fortune. Read full article

2. 5 Ways to Make Money Writing Today: 

Getting a book published is a long-running game, one that may or may not be lucrative. But while you chip away at your dreams of Pulitzer Prize glory, freelance writing is a way to keep your skills sharp, hone your querying confidence, and bring in money now.

If you’re here, you’re probably an author. You’ve probably sent out dozens – if not hundreds – of queries. You’ve probably had your artist’s heart trampled by rejection after rejection. Congratulations. You are officially miles ahead of the average aspiring freelance writer. You already know how to write a query. You know how to roll with denials and the chilly black hole of no response. All for projects that meant a great deal more to you than your average magazine story ever could. If you want to start making money with those hard-earned skills, you’re better prepared than most to dive straight into the fray and emerge victorious. Read full article

3. 25 Things You Can Sell To Make Money: 

Making money can often seem more difficult than ever before. Many people rely on pawn shops and Craigslist ads to get a little extra money when things get tight. (And isn’t money always tight, especially after Christmas?) The good news is, you don’t have to hock your computer or your great-grandmother’s prize china to make ends meet. Why not put your computer to work for you? Here are 25 things you can sell to make money right from the comfort of your own home!

1. Old stuff

If you don’t use it, why shouldn’t you make a little money on it? Selling old household items and clothing you’re not using anyway is a great way to clear out your storage areas and make some cash at the same time! Read full article

4. Breakfast Topic: Do you make money with your professions? 

Before we start, I have to admit: I’m not very good at making gold. I sell things on the auction house now and again, but I’ve never gotten even close to hitting the gold cap. And where professions are concerned, while I’ve found selling materials to be easy money, I’ve never had a lot of luck with crafting. Often, I’d make more money selling the materials gathered to craft something than actually crafting it and selling it — even for higher level items. I imagine there must be tricks I am not savvy enough to know, but for the most part I take crafting professions for the things I can make for myself, not for any gold I might get out of it in the long run. Read full article

5. Twitter found a way to make money every time refresh your feed: 

Every time you hit “refresh” on your Twitter feed, the micro-blogging company is earning money, since it measures its advertising revenue on views. It’s approximately a tenth of a penny – not exactly a windfall – but considering how frequently users replenish their feeds, this strategy is lucrative (remember this strategy from the guys in “Office Space?”). According to Quartz, Twitter users opened and refreshed the service 158 billion times last year, which equals out to 635 Timeline views for every active user.

And yesterday, when Twitter announced an update to its Android app (and promised that this update will soon come to iOS) it set in motion a plan to make even more money off page-refreshing practices. Along with additional photo-editing tools, Twitter’s app update will show users recommended content whenever they refresh their feed – users they may want to follow, promoted material, etc. This will give people more incentive to refresh their feeds more regularly, which in turn will give Twitter more opportunities to put up sponsored tweets. Read full article

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