Weekly Round Up – February 08, 2014

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money makingBefore we get to the good reads!

Check out this beastly resource on Role of Affiliate Marketing in Lead Generation, and let me know what you think.

A Few Good Reads

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the past week.

1. How to check if your app is addictive enough to make money: 

Making money on mobile can be a tricky thing. Having ads on your app is an option, but few companies have truly cracked the perfect mobile advertising strategy, so adding ads to your app will likely be an annoying, disruptive experience to the user.

Still, this doesn’t mean having ads on your app won’t make you money; it means you better have an amazing and addictive app. Why? Because it takes a lot of effort for your user to download and start using an app, but very little effort to delete. If your app doesn’t show enough value quickly – you will lose people and they will not come back. Go here

2. Why Android apps make less money — and how to change that 

By the end of 2013, Android had captured an impressive 81 percent of the global smartphone market share.

But in terms of developer mindshare, Android still ranks slightly behind iOS — and for a good reason. An average Android app makes 5 times less money per download than an iOS app. Even though Android has by far passed iOS in terms of global market share, the picture is not so clear-cut in terms of revenue. Despite Android’s dominant market share, for many app developers, iOS is still the biggest platform. Go here

3. Make money and have fun in open source 

Women in open source. Women in programming. Women in tech at all. Where are they?

We’re familiar with the statistics, and we’ve seen the photos from the tech conferences. Seas full of men. It requires patience to scan for the odd female in those auditoriums. It’s a popular topic, this scarcity of women in technology, one of the hip things to whine about these days. It’s politically correct to blame the male “priesthood” in Silicon Valley. Ask Paul Graham. He took it in the ribs after a few reckless comments about the funding practices of his startup seed accelerator, Y Combinator. He was quoted as saying, “God knows what you would do to get 13 year old girls interested in computers. I would have to stop and think about that,” in a recent article. Ouch. But, really, is he so wrong? Go here

4. How To Make Unlimited Money In Bravely Default:

Just like in real life, money makes things a lot easier in Bravely Default. Unlike in real life, we have a handy guide that lets you make as much of it as you want in a matter of minutes.

Things can get rather difficult in Bravely Default, and although you’ll get the best loot (not to mention helpful job classes) by completing side quests and defeating the game’s various bosses, having a decent bankroll can still be a big help. While the following guide takes a bit of prep work, once you have everything set up you’ll never have to worry about money again. Go here

5. How to Make Money With a Blog: 

With over 31 million people blogging in the USA, it’s no surprise that the influence of this platform continues to grow year after year. Over the course of the last decade, the internet has effectively replaced the yellow pages as the go-to place to find everything, and as that shift continues– advertisers and marketing strategists are shifting more and more of their budget to online advertising. Because of this, starting a blog and making it available to advertisers is a great way to get a small piece of the pie.

Starting a blog isn’t difficult and doesn’t require very much money. I’ll take you step by step through the process later in this post. However, this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. There will likely be months at a time where the only people reading your articles will be your mom and your spouse. But with patience and persistence, your site will grow and develop an audience, and with that audience– comes the opportunity to make money. Go here

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