What is the metaverse, how to access it and examples

I’m sure you’ve heard more than once about this topic, but what is the metaverse ? It is a concept that has taken a lot of strength in recent months. However, it is not as new as you may think.

Did you come here because you want to know more about this world? Well, I’ll explain that to you and, also, what types of metaverses there are, how to access it and examples so that you understand the subject in depth.

What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual reality that we can enter through special devices , such as AR glasses or augmented reality, and interact with other users who, like us, will have an avatar.

The avatar is your character within the metaverse and interactions occur through objects in immersive worlds.

It’s like having a whole life, but within the virtual realm. You can have colleagues, work, a partner within the digital. Everything continues to exist even though we are not even playing or participating in it.

The origin of the metaverse

There is a belief that the metaverse is something new, but it is not true. The first references to the metaverse occurred in 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash, which tells the story of a delivery man who was a samurai in the metaverse.

This is the first reference to cyberspace and avatars, which is why it is so relevant.

From this first approach, multiple descriptions and applications of the concept have emerged.

A significant boom was in 2018, when Steven Spielberg brought it up and blew it up in the movie Ready Player One . And the Fornite video game exploited this reality and virtual interaction between people through events.

Finally, the term “metaverse” became popular in 2021, after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of META (formerly Facebook ), announced that the metaverse is the new bet for said social network.

Key Features of the Metaverse

There are three essential features of the metaverse , according to Edward Castronova.

Below I list them and explain them briefly.

1. Interactivity

This refers to the fact that users have to be able to communicate with other people and with the metaverse itself.

That is, it must have the possibility of influencing both objects and users.

2. Incorporeality

Within the metaverse there are no physical barriers. Therefore, the most corporeal elements that we can find are in the same virtual elements.

One of the most important is our avatar, which is what represents our identity within the virtual world.

3. Persistence

The metaverse is continuous and endures. It grows as more and more technologies related to virtual immersion join.

This world exists independently of time and space.

In addition to the characteristics mentioned by Edward Castronova, we can find others, such as :

4. Immersiveness

The internet came to revolutionize our lives, allowing access to online applications and social ecosystems from almost anywhere.

However, all this is basically limited to the use of mobile devices or screens.

With the metaverse, this changes, as virtual spaces can be accessed through other technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

This is how you can go from reality to virtuality .

5. Interoperability

Interoperability is another key feature of the metaverse and is tested and tested in a number of ways. One of the main ones is that you can interact with several applications simultaneously.

The metaverse is made up of different virtual worlds in terms of user role, economics, purpose, etc., and it is a real challenge to achieve interoperability between all of them, but of course it is possible.

How does the metaverse work?

While the metaverse isn’t new, the current concept is, so it can be a bit complex to understand exactly how the metaverse works .

To make it a bit easier, let me explain 4 key concepts to understand this concept.

1. Assisted reality

Assisted reality refers to all the technologies that make it possible for a person to see a screen and interact with it through hands-free controls.

2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is based on the real world, which works as a stage, but elements or computer-generated images are added, which are modified according to perspective.

In this way, people can combine the physical with the virtual through the use of electronic devices.

3. Mixed reality

It is nothing more than the combination of virtual spaces and physical spaces. Thus, it allows natural and intuitive 3D interactions between equipment, environment and people.

In simple words: it allows you to have a view of the real world, but with virtual objects that look and act like real ones.

4. Meatspace

The meatspace is the physical world, that is, where most people spend most of their time.

Who drives the metaverse?

As I mentioned, the metaverse is not something new, nor was it born with Mark Zuckerberg. Actually, there are several companies that have given impetus to this technology.

In this area, within hardware , the technologies in the hands of Oculus (owned by Facebook) stand out; Microsoft with its HoloLens glasses and PlayStation VR headsets.


Since 2014, when Facebook acquired Oculus, a virtual reality glasses company, it has worked on various initiatives focused on creating a virtual world.

One of his most advanced and ambitious projects, in this sense, is Facebook Horizon, an online video game, where users can create avatars and interact with objects through VR glasses.

2.Epic Games

Some of the most popular games in recent years are Fortnite , Minecraft and Roblox (I’ll tell you about them later, because they are the best examples of metaverse).

Their popularity and scope is due to the fact that they allow the creation of virtual worlds. Epic Games even created something called Zero Point, which made it possible for characters from movies or shows to appear in the video game.

And in 2021, he announced that he will raise funds to develop the metaverse narrative of the title.


With HoloLens 2 glasses, Microsoft launched Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality software that allows you to connect virtually.

The main objective is to allow users to have experiences with others who are at a distance, through shared virtual spaces and holographic elements.

What can you do in the metaverse?

Now that you know more about the metaverse, it’s time to find out what you can do within it .

The first thing is to clarify that the metaverse is still under development, so it is not possible to know this answer for sure; however, it does represent a new way of relating, consuming content and creating it.

Here are some of the main things you can do within the metaverse.

  • Work

One of the goals of the metaverse in the long term is that it can be a work space, in which people can meet through virtual places, simulating everything physical and having everything they need to carry out their professional activities.

  • Distract you

There would also be space for leisure and entertainment. Currently, there are already concerts and virtual events, but with the weapons of the metaverse this would be enhanced, since you could live an almost real experience from the comfort of your home.

  • Buy

Currently, you can buy online, but with the development of the metaverse this would be even more real, because through the avatars it would be possible to try clothes, items and other things that are sold online.

There would also be the possibility of interacting with the sellers and answering questions. You imagine? Crazy!

Types of metaverses

There are two types of metaverse, depending on who has control over them, the technology that is used within them, and the type of economy that is managed.

1. Centralized metaverse

Centralized metaverses are those in which all assets owned by users are controlled by the companies that develop them.

In these, people can interact with each other and create an alternate reality; however, they are not free to control or own elements or parts of this virtual environment.

Therefore, it can be a more limiting metaverse and, to some extent, dangerous because of the type of information that large companies can collect about those who use them.

Among the most popular examples are Sims and GTA (Grand Theft Auto).

2. Decentralized metaverse

They are currently the most popular, thanks to the market they can access, since they are built from blockchain, which is open source and this gives users more freedom over their property.

This means that any developer can create an app in the metaverse and any user can sell or buy their virtual property.

Unlike the centralized metaverse, this gives all control to the community.

Some examples are: Minecraft and Roblox .

How to access the metaverse?

The reality is that there is no device or technology that allows you to access all the experiences that the metaverse can provide.

The process will depend on each one. There are some that you can enjoy from your computer, tablet, mobile or with virtual reality glasses.

Access is variable, but can be summarized like this:

  • You can access some metaverse experiences from the web browser or your mobile (simulated virtual reality).
  • In some cases, you can only enter using an app installed on your tablet or mobile.
  • If you want to enjoy virtual reality, you must have glasses or use the camera on your computer or phone.
  • To enjoy virtual reality in the strict sense, you need to have a VR device.

metaverse examples

There are many examples of the metaverse and these will only grow as time progresses.

I am going to mention some of the most relevant ones so that you have a clearer idea about what the metaverse is.

1.Second Life

Second Life can be considered the first example of a virtual world with avatars.

This video game created a space for people to customize their appearance and have the opportunity to talk with people from all over the world.

Currently, there are more than 70 million accounts on the platform, and it can be said that this company was the one that paved the way for virtual reality.


It is one of the most popular metaverse examples; More than 6 out of 10 teens claim to have played Fortnite .

And it is that this video game allows players to customize their characters with skins, which can be purchased in the virtual store and that the rest of the players can see.

Likewise, it is possible to talk with other users through voice chat and improve this virtual experience.

Fortnite has its own virtual currency (V-Bucks), with which players can buy movements for their characters and other differential elements: objects, backpacks, etc.

It is a lifetime within the virtual, without a doubt.


Roblox was released since 2006, but it started to be popular until 2010.

It is not just a game, but an online platform where users can build and share their own creations.

The catalog available on Roblox is created by the users themselves, which is why it is perfect for developers. In addition, it has its own development suite: Roblox Studio Software.

The metaverse and digital marketing

The metaverse also influences digital marketing , as it will mean a 180-degree turn in terms of buying and selling habits for goods and services.

If its creation and development materialize, there could be many business possibilities, especially in the decentralized one, since nobody would control the trade of the platform; only the users.

This would help you to market your products and services much more effectively using, for example, placement advertising so that your brand has greater visibility.

But… what to take into account in advertising in the metaverse? Here are some examples of the marketing efforts available in the metaverse and how to create advertising to succeed in this virtual world.

Marketing actions available in the metaverse

According to Stratesys, there are some applications of marketing within the metaverse that some companies have started running. Now I explain some of them.

  • events in real time

It is nothing more than giving a physical event a digital dimension, both to enjoy the performance of an artist, and to purchase a digital product.

  • promotional actions

One of the most used elements is the redemption of promotional codes in the real world and vice versa, that is, generated physically and redeemable on a digital platform.

  • influencer marketing

There are already agencies that are working on the relationship between brands and digital influencers within the metaverse. These are virtual “twins” that can respond to business needs.

  • positioning strategies

The use of voice and text to search for products could change and visual positioning could gain prominence with the metaverse. Thus, visual research, which is the search for content through images that are used as inputs, would reign.

How to Create Advertising and Succeed in the Metaverse

In order for your company to win within the metaverse, you have to take into account some guidelines to make your products visible and to be able to market them.

1. Know how the metaverse works

You already have an advanced part with this post about what the metaverse is and everything that entails, but you have to investigate in depth about this topic and the metaverses that exist.

This will give you ideas and experience to sell your brand and exploit the opportunities that would be available in digital marketing thanks to this virtual world.

2. Study the companies that work in the metaverse

Currently, there are companies that are already within the metaverse. You have to give yourself the time to analyze them to know the activities they are developing.

There are certain ad formats that work in metaverses, such as video or interactive experiences. You have to see them in depth.

Subsequently, you must carry out an analysis of your company. With this, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your business and you will have greater clarity about your foray into the metaverse.

3. Seek expert help if necessary

Being something relatively unknown to many, it is common for you to feel lost and seek help. This is not bad, on the contrary, it will allow you to move faster and have more effective results.

It is not as complicated as you think. Sometimes, you just have to think about how to bring physical actions or efforts to the virtual. For example: virtual concerts or producing digital clothing.

The dangers of the metaverse

OK. Now let’s move on to the less attractive side of the metaverse: risks.

The metaverse opens up a world of possibilities, but it can also alter the way we socialize, live, and act.

Among the dangers, two main ones stand out:

1. Privacy

With the increasing use of virtual reality devices, glasses or glasses, it will be easier, in a way, to have access to more “sensitive” data.

This is because it works through gestures, movement and brain waves.

For this reason, it is very important that personal information, behavior, and personal communication within the metaverse be protected.

2. Security

You have to be especially careful with underage people who want to enter the metaverse, because there are all kinds of people in the virtual, as well as in the real. This way you can avoid bad experiences, such as cyberbullying or sexual harassment.

Likewise, it is very possible that people develop a kind of addiction to this world, where they can practically have everything.


The world of the metaverse is still under development and construction, so there is still a lot to learn about this virtual world and, of course, to explode.

The bet on the metaverses can be very successful, but the results will not be immediate, since there are still false expectations that must be broken.

Despite this, in approximately 10 years, we could be facing another reality and a wide range of possibilities, so if you belong to the gaming industry, you have to be very aware of new trends.

And if you don’t belong to this industry, you still have to be updated, because without a doubt, it could revolutionize the way sales are made.

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