Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card Review: Earn Exclusive Deals and Rewards

Do you love to travel often and are looking for a high-end premium credit card? Then, the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium credit card is tailor-made for you.

By Luciana Souza, on 2024/06/02

This card is designed to be your ultimate travel companion, offering many unique benefits to enrich your journeys. One of the standout features is its exceptional rewards program. Using your card for purchases, you can accumulate Bonus Voyager Miles, which can be redeemed for rewards. 

Moreover, as a cardholder, you’ll enjoy early access to exclusive travel deals, ensuring you take advantage of exploring new destinations. With the Companion Ticket feature, you can bring along friends or family on your adventures with complimentary tickets. 

Are you eager to learn about this premium Nedbank SAA Voyager Credit Card? We’ve compiled this comprehensive review that explains all the crucial details, covering its features, benefits, rates, etc.


Features of the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

There are several features of the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card. First, managing your card is a breeze with the Money app or Online Banking. Whether you’re checking your balance or reviewing transactions, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Another key feature is flexibility. With the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card, you’re in control. You can request a change to your credit limit whenever you need to, giving you the flexibility to adjust according to your financial needs.

Your card is equipped with enhanced security features to protect your finances and uses chip-and-PIN technology. Additionally, you can sign up for credit life insurance, which provides coverage in case of death, critical illness, disability, or retrenchment.

You’ll receive transactional SMS notifications to stay informed about your transactions, keeping you updated on your account activity in real time. If your card is ever lost or stolen, you can block and replace it or freeze and unfreeze it using the Money app or cell Phone Banking.

How the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card Works

Here is how the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card works:

First, you apply for the card and meet the basic requirements like the minimum income. Once approved, you’ll receive your premium card, which is perfect for your travel needs.

Whether shopping in-store, online, or traveling abroad, your card is accepted almost everywhere. There’s the tap-and-go feature, making purchases quick and hassle-free. With this card, you get access to exclusive rewards that you can use for various things. 

And making payments is easy. You can connect your card to popular digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, or Garmin Pay. 

Additionally, the card offers flexible repayment options, including paying off purchases gradually with the budget facility. So whether you’re off on an adventure or just running errands, the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card ensures your transactions are smooth and your experiences memorable.

Finally, keeping track of your spending is straightforward. You’ll receive monthly electronic statements detailing your transactions, helping you stay within budget. If you prefer QR code payments, you can use them wherever they are available.

Pros and Cons of the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

This card comes with many benefits and potential drawbacks that you should be aware of. They include:

Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card Benefits

  • Companion Tickets: Upon reaching spend milestones, you receive a Continental or Global Companion Ticket annually. Spend R1,000,000 in a calendar year, and you’ll even snag an extra Global Companion Ticket
  • Earn Voyager Miles Quickly: Accumulate miles faster with the SAA Voyager American Express┬« card. Spend R300,000 and receive an additional 15,000 Bonus Miles
  • Companion Tickets and Flexible Usage: Receive Continental or Global Companion Tickets annually upon reaching spend milestones. Use or donate your Companion Ticket to another traveler, and swap Global Companion Tickets for two Domestic Companion Tickets
  • Travel Insurance: Enjoy basic travel insurance coverage of up to R6,000,000, with the option to increase the coverage at a 20% discount
  • Lounge Access: Companion ticket holders have unlimited access to SAA-owned departure lounges
  • Luggage Perk and Preferential Treatment: Receive an extra piece of luggage on SAA-operated flights and enjoy preferential check-in services

Cons of the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

  • The requirement to meet the minimum monthly income and credit score requirements could pose a challenge when acquiring the card
  • Various fees, such as annual maintenance and credit facility fees, could create financial constraints

Rates and Fees

First, the interest rate is personalized, meaning it’s tailored to your financial situation. Additionally, you’ll enjoy up to 55 interest-free days, giving you some breathing room for paying off your balance.

When it comes to fees, first, there’s an annual maintenance fee of R2040, which you’ll need to pay each year to keep the card active. On top of that, there’s a credit facility service fee of R32 a month, so that’s something to factor into your budget.

But here’s the good news: if you’re considering getting an extra card, you won’t have to pay any additional fees. Plus, there’s no Voyager linkage fee, so you can easily connect your card to the program without extra costs. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

If you’re considering getting the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium credit card, here is what you need to qualify. First, you’ve got to be at least 18 years old. Then, you’ll need to be a South African resident with either a valid South African ID or a passport with a work permit. 

When it comes to money matters, you should earn a minimum of R25,000 each month and have a decent credit score. Where do you stand with your credit? It’s a good idea to find out before applying. 

When you’re ready to submit your application, make sure you have your South African ID or passport, your work permit, and your payslips for the last three months or stamped bank statements for the same period. That way, you’ll be all set to start your journey with your new card!

How to Apply for the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

Ready to apply for the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card? It’s easy! You’ve got a few options to choose from.

First, you can apply online from the comfort of your home. Just hop onto the Nedbank website and fill out the application form. If you’re already a Nedbank client, you can also apply through Online Banking. 

Would you prefer a face-to-face interaction? No problem. You can swing by your nearest Nedbank branch and apply in person. Alternatively, you can call them at SAA Voyager contact number 0800 555 111, and they’ll guide you through the application process over the phone.

If you’re new to Nedbank, create your Nedbank ID first. You can do this easily on the Money app or through Online Banking before you start your application.

And if you’re already a Nedbank client, log in to your account to begin your application. With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits of the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card in no time!


The Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card is ideal for frequent travelers. The card offers Bonus Voyager Miles, exclusive travel deals, and is a perfect companion. It also provides discounts, travel insurance, and special perks like lounge access. With that, you can apply and start enjoying the rewards and advantages of the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card.