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Easy Extra DollarMy Name is Chris, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance.  The college that I went to was smaller and they didn’t offer a full degree in Finance so they had a concentration which was just a few additional classes.  I graduated college in debt like many graduates now a days but I didn’t let my debt hold me back.  I still do things that I want to do and believe that I control my own path in life and want to shape it the way I want.

While in college the thought of working and making money is so intriguing but before you know it you are tossed into the real world with no real world experience.  We don’t really have a good foundation in our education system to provide the fundamentals of just basic living ie. Home budgeting, savings, 401k and retirement.

Now a college graduate the real world is great, I bought my first car and I am still living at home.  The money is great and flowing.  My girlfriend and I have been serious for a few years now but she is a year behind me in college.  We start planning our life together.  This is when I realized that in our future together there were going to be issues with money, kids, and just other marital stresses.  We needed a plan.  My plan was to work tirelessly so that I could provide for my wife and children.  Unfortunately this day in age it is no longer possible for a wife to stay home and raise children as we both have student loans and have to save for our retirements.

I went back to college to pursue my Masters in Business Administration; this took a few years while working full time.  Talk about stressful, going to work until 5 and then coming home and going to class until 9 at night, and doing this 2-3 nights per week.  Graduation was bittersweet, thinking I would graduate and I would have all these job offers making a 6 figure salary, let me tell you it didn’t happen like that.  We moved back towards where my wife was from and decided we would start our family.  Now we are two children later starting our path called life.  I wouldn’t trade anything for the world and this is my path.


Having these 2 additional mouths to feed caused some stress with money at home because my wife was not currently working.  Nevertheless we made it through it and we are both working now enjoying the present and saving for the future.

I didn’t put my life on hold to pay down my debt, I didn’t come out with a six figure salary, and I got married and had kids.  The American dream isn’t it? To me it is.  What has allowed me to do all this has been my work income; I am exploring avenues online for making active and passive (residual) income streams.

I hope you join me on my journey through these income streams and through my life lessons.  Fiscal responsibility will lead to the generation of those Easy Extra Dollars!


PS… Be sure to drop me an email and say Hi.